Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Why this soap is better

I was recently dragged to a very post products store in Boulder called Lush.  
"You will love everything there, it's all hand made and totally natural," my daughter promised.
I had a long conversation with the manager after examining all their soap ingredients.  Only ONE of the product lines was sodium hydroxide based, the rest all had detergents in them.

This is not natural soap.
She had a long explanation about phasing out this and that, blah blah blah, but the truth is, almost no one makes commercially manufactured soap the old fashioned way from lye saponified with fats.  It simply costs ten times more than cheaper detergent processes.
Go look at your shampoo bottle, it will be all sodium laurel sulphates and other detergent chemicals. These are made with alcohols and acids, and they dry, dry, dry your skin.

The only widely available lye based soap on the market is Dr. Bronner's - and it uses potassium hydroxide so the soap will stay liquid.
I actually do love Dr. Bronner's, so if you need liquid soap, it's a great choice.

The truth is, once you try truly saponified soap, you will never want to use detergent based soap again.

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